Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ok, it's back to the tie down we go... *sigh*

One of the things I'm really learning with Rei, is that she is PERSISTANT and sneaky when it comes to the possiblity of food. *sigh*

Rei is AWESOME as a guide dog, but I'll be honest, I dont know if she's ever going to earn her freedom in the house at all times. I guess I sure was spoiled with Honey, and while we knew she would try to snatch things if they were left out in the open, but she didn't tear things open if it *smelled* like good.

I'm kinda stuggling with this, as I dont like the idea of keeping her tied down so much, but she's not giving me much choice, she's getting into things and doing it just when I turn my back or just when the kids call my attention to something else. She's too smart for her own good!

Sooooo, let's talk about the things Rei has helped herself too in oh the last week? Or shall we just go with the few days? We'll do the last few days since Thursday morning. And yes, smack me up the side of the head and say "uhm, why haven't you tied her down sooner" Don't bother, I know I should have, so working on being more diligent now about it.

Soooo, Rei has consumed or attempted to consumer in the last 36 hrs:

4-5 bananas (tonight)
pulled down and ripped open a 4lb bag of powdered sugar
(thank goodness she didn't get the 4lb back of chocolate chips that was right under it)
Wax tarts scented as foods/fruits
Helped herself to the dog food drawer for a smorgasboard until she could eat no longer.
Katie's pail lunch- which consisted of sliced ham, 2 hardbolied eggs, 2 crescent rolls, a dill pickle slice, and an orange (she didn't get the orange)

And we busted her tonight for attempting to clean the dishes in the sink and on the countertop with the sharp carving knife used for dinner tonight.

Gosh, this dog is going to be pooping bananas all morning long tomorrow. And unfortunately, whenever she gets into these things, it seems to cause quite an, uhm lets put it nicely, a flatuance problem.

What is hard though, is she's good most of the time, behaving, quiet on her blanket, but in 30 seconds when she sees me tied up with the kids, she makes the dash for it. So as much as I don't like it, I'm going to have to go back to the basics and tie her down until she can re-gain that independence and hopefully with some continued independence.

I'm going to give Lisa a buzz too to see how much of anything I can do after the fact can be done too. My philosophy, as well as what Lisa had voiced while on class was to treat them like a toddler and only correct when caught in the act. The problem is, she's making sure she doesn't get caught in the act. grrrrr....*stinker*

So we are still a work in progress! That's for sure!

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raiserally said...

I'm sorry you're having problems with Rei! Happy she's a good guide for you though. She reminds me a lot of a pup I raised for GDB, his name was Iverson and in the year he was with us he was very rarely left loose, and when he was only when we could keep a very close eye on him!He also at about 6 months decided keep away was much more fun to play than come! I hope Rei continues to improve for you! How old is she now?