Thursday, December 4, 2008

Katie is studying history right now- the pioneer days and such, having learned about Thanksgiving last week and the first Thanksgiving and all that. So today they are going to the next town over to the one room school house to visit and they were to dress up as close as they could to the period and take a pail lunch if you will.

We had the lunch all packed and my *lovely* dog (note sarcasm here) thought it was so good that she helped herself to it *DOH* just as Katie was supposed to leave, so we were rushing and scrambled to make a second lunch quickly- wrapped in wax paper and in a pail.

Anywho, for dressing up, I didn't have any white skirts, honestly I only have one skirt at all, so she's in a hodgepodge of stuff, but we tried to dress her as close to it as we could. She has a long black skirt of mine on- pinned in the back, an apron that my grandmother had given the girls in the past, the top part folded down for a waist apron (I didn't have the time or energy to make her an actual white pleated one last night), and she has a white blouse on with the purple shrug that I'd made her back in January. Since her hair is still pretty short, I took a flour sack cloth (which we used to wrap her lunch pail in too) and folded it as a triangle and tied it on her head to work as a bonnet. So here she is, with Meaghan and in front of the christmas tree too. ;)

I guess the kids are going to be doing a presentation next week, Wednesday, December 17th for the rest of the school and then to family from 2:30-3pm. So family, if you want to come, let me know and we can go together. Meaghan and I will probably walk over.

They will be doing a project where they have to complete a Pioneer Journal, make a Pioneer Toy, a Wagon Model, and recite a poem. They will be presenting thier items at the 19th Century Living Museum Celebration, and dress up for that day as well. :)

Sounds like fun! :)

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