Sunday, December 7, 2008

Alex's Preschool Christmas program

Alex's preschool had thier christmas program tonight at the beginning of the church service. When we got there, he promptly melted down and cried not wanting to be left with his teachers, making it clear that it was STAY HOME DAY! After a lot of talking in the hallway and looking through the sanctuary doors at the seats and people in the seats, I was able to re-assure him that he wasn't going to be staying all day, and that we had front row seats to watch him sing with his class. I finally took him to his teacher, and while he was still upset, he wasn't melting down as he was when we first got there.

So I made my way to our seats and Rei immediately plopped down at my feet:

The kids came out as the normal music people sang a song and thankfully, Alex was fine nad not melting down still. He was wearing a black shirt with a vest- red on the upper portion, black on the bottom and snowflakes. He also looked really adorable with his grey matching tie. :)

Here are a few snapshots and a video:

Tomorrow we have pictures of the Kids and Rei with Santa in the morning, and the tomorrow night is the church christmas program, in which all three kids have songs in that, so that should be fun. :) Katie has a speaking part for that one and she's excited. :)

Time for some ZZZZ's, so have a good night all!

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