Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doing better...

Yesterday went pretty good. I didn't have to nap all day as I did most of the weekend! LOL! I was feeling a little better, though the cough is still pretty bad.

We made it through the day- Alex went to his first day of preschool, which he came home quite tired and very happy. He definately had a good day and enjoyed it, as he came home yelling at the top of his lungs what he'd done all day. He'd colored, read books, sang songs and had Marshmellows for snack and "THEY WERE REALLY GOOD!!!!" LOL! I asked him if he wanted to go back tomorrow and got an even louder and emphatic "YEAH!!!!!"

So Mike got home with Alex last night and we had the ice cream social and meet n greet with Katie's new teacher. We ran into a couple of people we knew and Mike stopped to chat with a couple of the other teachers since he's coaching thier kids in soccer. LOL! We left there and went up to the soccer fields to pick up the team uniforms that were in, and from there we stopped and got gas in the van. Whoo hoo! 3.69 a gallon! Gosh, I remmy as a kid when it was 29 CENTS a gallon. But won't rant on that...

So we head back and around to the post office and I went in and mailed off Honey's harness back to the school. I guess I'd kinda not gotten in any hurry to do that, as it was the final thing of making it all real. *sigh* I'm ok with it, but I am missing her. Even though I was sick, I woke up Sunday morning and was thinking of how I missed her good morning "hugs" each morning. She would wake up and would jump up onto my side of the bed with her front paws and nuzzle me, putting her head on my chest and I'd rub her ears and love on her each morning before we got up and moving. Didn't realize how much I missed doing that.

I did hear from Dan though, as Honey is apparently living life to the fullest and being the smart stinker that she is. :) Here's what he wrote....

Two or three days ago, I had just fed the dogs. ( they all eat together, side by side and I always watch over them ) They had all eaten well, but the pup left a small amount in her bowl. I put the bowl on top of the dishwasher and walked away. Just as I walked back into the kitchen, Honey was up and lifting the small bowl neatly off the dishwasher and finished what was in it. I scoulded her somewhat but actually thought the whole thing was pretty cool.

Tonight ( Sunday ) I did the same thing with the pups bowl, forgetting what Honey had done. About five minutes later , I looked out the back door and saw the bowl in the yard. It was gone off the dishwasher. Honey had done the same thing again, but took it outside this time. From now on, I'll have to make sure I place things out of her reach.The weird thing is, I never heard a thing. She didn't make a sound. Scary, HUH ?

I didn't say a word to her.

Pretty funny! Sounds like the Honey I know! LOL! Those dogs are so smart they sure know how to use it! LOL!

So anyway, sent off her harness and then we took off to the next town over to get the kids haircuts since they were all needing them badly. Got that done and gosh, there's actually little kids under all that hair! :D

Then we came on home and ate some dinner. Mike gathered up the stuff to go over to Dad and Sue's to work on thier computers and I got the kids moving in the direction for bed, since they had all three been up early and were definately showing thier bearish sides by 7pm. So they all made thier way to bed early and I was able to work on some stuff here on the puter.

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