Friday, August 8, 2008

This week...

This week- hmm, in a nutshell just flat out stunk...

There were the good things though, so will try to talk about those. :)

For starters- Monday, Katie, Alex, and I hitched a ride with Stacie and Dylan, and we went to the Nature Valley Ranch and we all got to go Horseback riding. It's worked out well, as the group of moms goes together and "rents" so many horses for an hour. We brought all of our bicycle helmets to share, so it was quicking to move kids on and off the horses. The kids had a blast and a couple even got to go at it w/o being led! Katie being one of them. :) Alex loved Chewy the pony! LOL!

Here's some of the fun:

Then on Wednesday was the soccer practice, which I posted on already. Yesterday I worked on Great Banquet bags most of the day. It's about that time again. :) They'll be here before we know it. Mike is going to the Promise Keepers conference over in Peoria, IL this afternoon and will be home late tomorrow night. So last night he pulled the seats out of the back of the van and for the first time in a LONG time did a deep clean on the van. It was really needing it! LOL! But anyway, he cleaned out the van as Meaghan and Alex played outside. They were playing as though they were driving, and while neither of us was aware it'd happened, but Meaghan told us later that she'd opened the door and Alex accidently fell off of Daddy's seat, thus skinning his nose. Last night it looked like he had dirt on his nose, today it's entirely different...

but he seems fine, so we aren't to worried about it. LOL!

Katie was at Grandma and Grandpa's for the evening. My she's growing up so fast. She'll be in 2nd grade this year and is getting so big and mature! We let her ride her bike to grandma and grandpa's on her own last night, I saw her off on our end and then they were waiting for her at thier house. Boy she thought she was big stuff. Here she is today, with that big grin:

Mike took off this morning and I'm a "single mom" until he gets back tomorrow night. It's supposed to be a really nice weekend, trying to figure out what to do with the kids tomorrow. :)

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