Friday, August 8, 2008

Neighborhood Block Party

The last weekend of July- also known as "the other Race Weekend" around here, being in Central IN and the Brickyard crowd is around, we went to the 2nd annual neighborhood Block Party. :)

One of the neighbors is a former Fire Dept official, so he has the connections to the different departments, where he can get them to come out for the party and he was able to have the police dept, the fire dept, as well as a motorcyle officer, a squad car, and a bicycle officer to come and let the kids look at thier stuff and so forth. The police dept sets up a tent and does id kits for the kids and hands out coloring books and such for all. But I think the favorite for all the kids, especially mine who were in from the time it started to the time they turned the hose off, was the fire truck! They brought the truck with the ladder and put it up in the air and turned on the hose for the kids to play in the water. The dogs of the neighborhood got in on the action too! :) Of course there was grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and everyone brought a side dish. It was all in all just a lot of fun! :)

Katie had a pool party, so she ate and went over to that, but Meaghan was in the red swim suit and Alex had the super long Cars swim trunks on

Alex to the right, Meaghan and Honey in the background

Alex telling Bruce all about it!

Alex in mid air:

The truck and the guys, wrapping things up:

"LOOK MOM! Popsicle!!!!"

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