Monday, August 18, 2008

Sick weekend. :(

Yeah, the title pretty much says it all... Meaghan was stuffy, Alex was coughing, runny nosed, grumpy and I was down and out almost the entire weekend too. I am still coughing, a little stuffed up, and man I had some serious body aches all weekend. I'd feel better for a bit and then my face would feel flushed and I'd feel like crap. Mike was awesome and took care of the kids and meals all weekend, as I was pretty much either on the couch or in bed zonked out or lethargic. ugh!

Thankfully we didn't have any big plans for the weekend though Saturday morning Mike woke me up about a half hr before the school tour for Katie's new school and I made the walk over there and through the school all taking about an hour and a half, though by the time we were headed home, I was definately thinking it hadn't been such a good idea to go on my pary. We saw the school and I have to share a foolish moment here. They've set up the school in a square layout with a courtyard in the middle. Efficiently, they have made that courtyard the Kindergarten only playground- VERY NICE! So we were at a point where we could look out some windows and see the playground and Meaghan had insisted on holding my hand through all of this. She was on my left side and I was navigating through the group and such with my cane in my right hand. So we are looking out the windows and ready to move on, without even thinking, I blurt out" " Honey, Left!" As soon as it came out of my mouth I felt quite like a fool and one time of this weekend my face wasn't flushed from fever. Mike hadn't heard me and I don't think anyone else did either, but I still felt quite like an idiot for commanding my dog that wasn't at my side. LOL!

So we make it back home and I took some more medicine and headed back to bed, of which I slept for quite a while. Quite honestly, Most of Saturday and Sunday morning is quite a blur to me, bien in and out of it so much. Then Saturday night it hit me all of a sudden that I had my Disabilities Support Group that morning at church! DOH!!!!! In my incoherent state, I completely forgot it and Mike being tied up with the kids completely forgot it too. So I have some people to contact and sincerely apoligize to... :(

Sunday we got up and ate breakfast and drank some gatorade for the pounding headache I had and my meds kicked in, which made me droggy, so went back to bed and wound up getting up about 1pm. I was feeling a lot better, so tried to get up and so a little bit, which I lasted a couple of hours and then hit bottom again, so laid out on the couch for a bit until it passed. Then it wasn't too long until Mike made dinner and it was time for him to head to Bible study. I was feeling decent, so I got the kids in the tub while I was feeling ok and got them bathed and ready for bed. Then got them all down and paid bills last night and got some other paperwork done that was needing taken care of, along with answering some emails for InDBA and such.

This morning we are up and Alex is pretty much on the mend so Mike took him for his first day of preschool. Mike said he did really well this morning, getting right up and getting dressed. He did say he was a little confused though when they got there because 1. he took him to the church- which is where preschool is, and 2. His classroom is actually the same room that his Sunday school class is, since the Children's ministry uses the preschool's rooms on the weekend. I think with all the talk of Katie's new school and such, he probably thought he'd be going there and not realizing that "school" was at the church for him. Guessing he's going to have a blast though and can't wait to see him tonight to hear all about it.

The girls were up not too long after Mike and Alex left, and got thier own breakfast. I'm up and once past the coughing fits, not too bad. I need to go get some more meds though and I'm starting to feel a little icky. Hoping with some more rest today, I'll be able to keep up with the busy week we have this week-

Tonight is the ice cream social at the school with the teachers and hey- free ice cream. !
I was for skipping it, but Mike wants to try to go to meet Katie's teacher when there's not as likely to be as many kids/parents there. We are going to try to meet Katie's teacher tonight so it's a little easier for me to navigate with my cane and hear.

Tuesday night is the req'd orientation night, that everyone is supposed to come to at 6pm. We'll just do the orientation, drop off all of Katie's supplies and fly the coop hopefully.

Wednesday is soccer practices

Thursday Mike has Big Fish- men's ministry dinner- STEAK dinner, for Mike and hopefully Dad too.

Friday- Mike works 2nd shift,

Saturday is our first soccer games and Meaghan has a birthday party to go to in the afternoon and we have church.

Sunday we'll have Alex's birthday party at 2pm with some close friends if they are available to come.

Well, I'm going to sign off here and go get some more meds to feel better!

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