Friday, August 8, 2008

Hanging in there...

Well, I'm here, seems like barely these days though. The last few days have been busy, hard, and weird and all at the same time.

Soccer started on Wednesday for the kids, ALL 3 of them. LOL! Mike is coaching Meaghan and Alex on one team - U4's and Katie on her team - U8's. With Katie's birthday being so late and this being her 8th season to play, she's going to be really tearing the fields up this season. I'm really excited to see the games, as she's one of the oldest in the division, and Mike said she was just on fire at practice, as well as meshing well with the other kids that were there.

He had his first practice Wednesday night, which is also water aerobics night for Sue and I. So I was able to watch the u4's practice, but left with Sue at the end of that and didn't get to see how great the U8's practiced as Mike had said.

I left Honey at home, since Mike wouldn't be able to watch her at practice and didn't want to take her to the pool with me, as I hadn't in the past and wasn't a good spot to put her down where I knew she'd be safe and left alone. So I put her blanket down by her basket of toys and put her tie down on the TV cabinet where I knew it'd hold her if she did fight it. Took her outside to go potty before we left and when I gave her the command for inside she looked at me so confused. She didn't understand why I told her to go inside, when everyone else had loaded up in the van. But she was a good girl and did as I told her. I put her on the tie down and told her to stay, and she just looked at me with those eyes and I could just see the confusion in them. Though when I got home, I thought she was going to knock me down in happiness of seeing me though and all was fine, so she'd been a good girl. :)

To make things easier on Honey, we are going to go ahead and have Dan take her on Sunday afternoon. She doesn't understand why I'm not taking her with and such and every time I go to the door to go out the garage, she comes flying to my side wanting to go with. And now more than ever, she's coming to me to tell me she needs to go out instead of going out the doggie door we've been leaving open for her. I have been going out in the back yard with her though and not having her on leash and telling her to go busy, busy. She looks at me quizzical at first and then is like well OK, if you say so and then she'll wander on and go do her business.

I just need to gather up her toys, sleeping bag, blanket, and meds to send with her, as well as make up a list of the commands she knows so he can use them should he need to. Dan will be here Sunday afternoon, and hopefully while Alex is down for a nap. While we've been talking to him and saying that she's going to go stay with Grandpa Dan, he's not been all that receptive of the idea. I'm just hoping that if he hears it enough, he'll understand what's happening, so that when it does happen, it'll help him be OK with it. I don't think I can take what we went through when we had to give Chase, a dog we had when Katie was a little tyke, back to the rescue org we'd gotten him from. She screamed and cried as the lady put Chase in the car and it absolutely tore me apart, as if I'm not going to have a hard enough time with this turnover as it is. So please say some prayers for us to help us through this difficult day.

Moving to a more positive thing though, here are a few pictures from soccer practice:

Mike and Alex:

The kids kept picking up their balls with their hands, so Mike had them put their hands behind their backs. It was so cute, they looked like little ducks wadding along trying to follow him around the field. LOL! (Meaghan in the white shirt, blue shorts, red soccer socks and hair up)

Meaghan telling everyone which way to go:

Katie, talking to Jake- who was on her team last season, but is in the u10's this season.

Water break!!!

I also finally got the rest of the girls American Girl Doll dresses done after we got home from Disney...

And Katie FINALLY got her certificate from Children with Hair loss for donating her hair! She was ecstatic! We need to get it framed with the before and after photos, so she can hang in in her room. :)

And here's a couple of pictures of Honey being a silly puppy:

Okay, more to come....

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