Friday, August 15, 2008

Interesting dream last night...

I had a dream about a dog last night. It was kind of weird. Mike D, the trainer I'd worked with at GDF brought me a dog out, this golden dog, a goldador, but looks almost like a doberman that it's sleek and slender. He told me the name, but I can't remember it now. He had me walking around this oval with the dog, there was something in the center, I don't remember what, some sort of object we had to walk around and I kept calling the dog Honey, saying thw wrong name, like I do with the kids sometimes. You know when you try to say the kids name and you blurt out the wrong one you are in such a hurry?

So I kept messing up with the dog, not staying in place, footing, and all, and getting frustrated with myself because the dog was doing fine. Mike D had to talk with one of the other trainers and comes back and it's like the dog and I were siting on that something in the middle of the oval, he was leaning against whatever we were sitting on and He's telling me that he thought this would be the best match, but he had two other choices too, one being Maverick and another being Leo? I think was the name. It's real vague, as Meaghan was waking me up. Not sure what all that means, other than I'm probably nervous about calling the dog Honey. !

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