Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today was cloudy, threatening to ran most of the day, and golly, it was nasty weather and nasty moods all around most of the day in the Weldy household... Alex was really grumpy and woke up really stuffed up, Katie was just crabby, which she tends to be when she's tired from the workout at practice, and I was fed up with dealing with the temper tantrums, melt downs, and fits by lunch time. They both came very close to not eating lunch, and then Mom lost her temper and the kids realized ok, time to knock it off or naps are coming my way.

Most of the morning though, we hung out in the living room on our big comfy couch and the kids watched some discovery kids and I worked on some more scrapping pages from Disney and such. Enjoy!

Well, Mike and I got to bed at 10:30 last night and actually got a good night of sleep... Mike crashed out tonight, when we put the kids to bed, so I just let him sleep. He'd been saying he's really tired, and he's actually really stressed right now about various things. So he can use it and I was able to catch up here and get some pictures off the camera and uploaded. However, I'm really starting to drag now though, so thinking I'm going to go for some shut eye and make it a record two nights in a row for me! LOL!

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