Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friday- Day 4- Afternoon - Epcot

We started back towards Test Track, since we had Fast Passes for it, but on the info board, it showed that it was down. Mike asked if I we wanted to do spaceship earth and then go back to Mission Space to let Katie ride the green level again, as she’d asked for, so we started that way and it began to storm again and started to rain harder. We were about half way there and the skies opened up again with some serious Thunder, so we ducked into the character spot, which was air conditioned, but we spent a good hour and a half in line waiting.

Honey was just thoroughly rattled and upset. I was about in tears as she was balking at everything, refusing to move forward in line, and the people around us were just looking at us like we were just aweful to her. She was panting and shaking and had one woman insist on giving us water for her until we explained that she was afraid of the storm and pointed out that she was shaking too. Honey dove between the feet of the guy that was in front of us at a crack of thunder, wedging her head between his sandals, but being a dog lover and having a dog that did the same thing at home, he was fine with her laying there. We wound back and forth toward the back of the room and once we got along the wall she really began to fight me, wanting to hunker down and not move. I understand why, as it is what she does for comfort at home, getting against the couch or the wall where she feels safer and more secure, but she wasn’t willing to work for me even in harness. It was frustrating, as the guy behind me of some sort of middle eastern descent, pulled out a napkin and was trying to push her along as I was trying to coax her forward. I just glared at him and he left her alone after that. We finally made it up to the characters and it seemed the storm was starting to let up. We met Mickey first, then Minnie Mouse, then there was Chip and Dale again, and lastly Goofy. Honey about pulled me through Goofy, trying to dive between his legs, but I was able to pull her back and we got pictures through photo pass with them all, though she was panting in all of them. Mike did take a few pictures of the ones with Minnie and Mickey though.

After meeting the characters and the girls getting their autographs, we came out and headed to the Lands to head to Soaring. It wasn’t storming hard, as in thundering bad, but it was still raining with a very occasional rumble. Mike and Katie got in line for that with their Fast Passes and Honey hadn’t been breaked in a while I went to a cast member to ask for help in taking her for a break and then Meaghan was needing to go to the restroom too. It was right there, so I tell the cast member I’d be right back and go on in to take Meaghan. Honey pulled another one where she refused to come out of the bathroom, laying down next to the bathroom wall and I tried everything I could think of. Treats, coaxing, a correction, and nothing would make her budge. So once again, we grabbed the ears to the Harness and moved forward. Once out of the bathroom she was willing to work, but not very happily.

The cast member went out and graciously stood in the rain with me while Honey refused to do any sort of business, even though she hadn’t been since we’d left the hotel that morning. So we came back on in and Meaghan and I tried to make our way back up to the ground level, to have multiple people cut us off, get in front of us and so forth. Gosh people can be so rude sometimes!

We made it up there and I asked Honey to go over right to the bench and she was set on going out the doors and out of there. So it was probably quite comical to the guy sitting on the other end of the bench, once we made it there as I could see that he was watching us. I went to the bench to give Honey a chance to hunker down and try to settle down, and Meaghan and I just sat and people watched for the 45 minutes until Mike and Katie came back up.

Honey had settled down considerably, as had I, and was in working mode again, so I brought up going on the Living with the Lands ride, a boat ride and we were able to walk right onto that. Honey laid down at our feet until we got into the green house and her head popped up and you could just see that nose twitching back and forth with all of the yummy smells. LOL!

After coming off of the Living with the Lands ride, we took a look at the restaurant there and I told mike I was more in the mood for just a plain and simple burger, rather than the assortment we’d found there. So we went on out to the Journey to Imagination ride. The girls liked that really well and after the ride itself, we came out to a hands on station, where you moved and such and it activated musical tones as you conducted the music.

We left here and went to find the burger joint that Mike remembered to be by there, but it wasn’t there so I asked him about doing Spaceship earth and then going over to Magic Kingdom and just eating at the liberty tavern or something quick and easy over there and then hitting the Pirates of the Carribean ride that Mike was wanting to ride, after getting the picture I was wanting too.

I have to mention here though, that now that Honey had settled down and it was no longer storming, it was like something clicked all of a sudden. She started to pace herself, putting her nose just to the outside of Mike’s left knee and 2 steps behind him. This kept people from walking between us, but she could follow his every move and turn. I was able to just turn her loose and let her go since she was willing to follow him and not trying to drag me to the bathroom or anything. I didn’t have to command her anything, and it was just amazing. I hadn’t been more relaxed the entire trip, now if only we could have worked that out a little sooner, but I’m not going to complain, the rest of the evening at Disney was quite enjoyable as a result. :D

So we headed up towards the exit and went to Spaceship Earth. Both girls really enjoyed this and learning about the forms of communications through time. The ride takes a quick snapshot of you and as we came off the ride, we hit the communications line to send an email “postcard” to grandma and grandpa. Not sure if it got there, but it supposedly sent. We then went to the exits and snagged a photo pass person to take our pictures in front of the “Big Ball”.

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