Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thursday- Day 3 Night – Magic Kingdom

We went to Magic Kingdom, no remembering which park had the “Magic Hours”, where the park was open 2 hrs later to those who were staying on site, and asked a young guy at the town hall. It was pretty funny, as we were talking with him, I happened to notice his name badge, which all of the cast members have on while working. All of the badges have their first names and where they are from, well his badge said IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN. LOL!

He told us that there was Magic Hours that night, so we thought we’d head out and get a stroller for Meaghan, that way she could ride and wasn’t being drug around. But as we got to the gates- since you have to get your stroller BEFORE you come in the gates, the gate keeper there explained that the Magic Hours had been that morning, and the park was closing at 10pm, which it was 8:30 for the time being. So we went back in and went up on the veranda of the Town Hall again, trying to figure out what we were going to do, especially since there were tons of people lined up down both sides of Main Street waiting for the parade to start at 9pm. As we went back and forth trying to decide, the first parade float, if you will came out lit up and we decided to just hang out and let the girls enjoy the parade. We had a good spot, up higher, where Honey wouldn’t get trampled, and when it was over, we could head inside to the lobby area of Tony’s and if it was open grab some ice cream, if not, we could hang out on the couches until most of the crowd passed.

So we watched the parade, which was really neat, as all of the floats were lit up like Christmas trees, including the characters and people. There in the Main Square, the lights were all turned down and it was really cool. Meaghan and Katie chattered and oohhhh’d and aaaahhhh’d at everything, along with jumping up and down and squealing in delight at the next character that they recognized. Honey was thoroughly content to take a snooze at my feet, knowing that we weren’t going anywhere for a while and that she wasn’t going to be stepped on either. :)

So once the parade finished up, we headed inside and camped out in the lobby as planned. Tony’s was closed, so no ice cream as we were hoping. But after about a half hr, the crowds thinned considerably and we hit the restroom right there.

This does reminds me though, that the night before when we were there, after our thorough soaking at Animal Kingdom, we went to the restroom right before we were seated for dinner. Upon leaving the restroom, (It was storming again) Honey planted herself against the wall and refused to budge. No amount of coaxing, offers of treats or anything was to persuade her to move forward. As flustered as I was, the host was waiting to seat us and I felt I had no choice but to grab the ears of the harness and pick her up and pull her forward. Once I had her out of the bathroom, she collected herself and was willing to guide me to the table, but while in the bathroom, she’d made up her mind she wasn’t leaving.

But tonight, after the parade, she was more than happy to work for me and we ventured out and I told Honey, Ok lets get to the bus! She knew right where we were headed and took the lead again and wasn’t messing around. We got back to the hotel and went to the food courts to check out the menu and see if there was any chance of a meal for Honey, since the concierge desk was now closed. No luck there, so we got some ice cream bars and a drink, and sat down and ate those.

We headed back to the room and I had brought a bunch of the Charlee bear treats with me, which are all natural and made a lot like an oyster cracker. Also the tin of treats from Pluto were very similar as were the ingredients as well. I then fed her a meal of the Charlee bear treats in hopes that they would be bland enough to stay down. We’d already decided for this last day, that we’d get up when we woke up and no rushing to hit the Magic Hours on the last morning! Our last day was to be at Epcot and whatever else we wanted to try to catch before we left on Saturday.

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