Monday, July 14, 2008

One more day....

Gosh, I can't believe it's the day before we leave for Disney!

Mike is off with Katie at a Dentist appt and Katie's annual eye appt and to order some new sports glasses for her, for the upcoming soccer season. I have just about all of Alex's stuff ready to go with Aunt Nancy for tonight, since she'll pick him up around 6pm. I have to get the kids in the tub and finish up the last of our packing and we'll be set to go! Things are all falling into place and we are pretty well ready. :)

We got home last night from TN, and the kids and Honey all did AWESOME for the trip. We made it down there in 6 hrs and home in 7, with a lunch stop on the way home. Everyone made it with dry pull ups and no accidents, so even better! :)

We got down there Friday evening and went for dinner and headed to the pool. Saturday morning we got up and hung out, had a pillow fight with Daddy, and then went to the reunion.

Here's some pics to share with you:

Honey claimed her spot in the room, so her blanket went down there...

Honey wanted soooooo bad to get in!

And my personal favorite:

Pillow fight with Daddy...

We stopped at walmart to pick up something to take to the reunion, and with the storms that we could see headed our way, we picked up a couple of games for the kids. The "Don't Break the Ice" was a HUGE hit for all of the kids there.

The signs of a really good time:

Well, I'm off to bathe the kids, so probably won't be back before we leave. Have a great week and pray for good weather for us please. :)

Disney or BUST!!!! :D

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