Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friday- Day 4- Morning- Epcot

We got up this morning, when we all woke up. Mike and I woke up about 7:30, the girls closer to 8am, which worked a LOT better, as usual when they get up on their own. Meaghan was too cute, as she was unable to reach the sink, so we’d put a chair there for her to use. She was combing her hair and singing in the mirror. Please ignore the Mom in PJ’s that you see in the mirror too! ;)

So we all got up and moving, and found with great relief that Honey had kept her food down from the night before. So I gave her the remaining charlee bear treats that I had for breakfast and she inhaled it. Poor girl had to be starving after not eating for 2 ½ days!

So we took off from our room and went up to the main building for breakfast and stocked up on some drinks and snacks for the day. We were headed to Epcot for the day, so we went out for the busses and made our way out. I had wanted to hit Magic Kingdom when it was sunny and try to get a photo pass picture of us in front of Cinderella’s Castel- on Main street, like we had for our honeymoon, but Mike wanted to wait until after lunch and take a break by going to Magic Kingdom to do this and getting the hats for the girls, so we went straight to Epcot, although it was against my better judgement, with the luck in weather we’d had the last few days.

Upon arriving at the park, Meaghan was very intrigued by the “Big Ball!” that was spaceship earth. Mike wanted to head to Mission space first, so we took off for there. HP sponsors the Mission Space ride, so we went to the HP Red Planet Room and we received complimentary drinks and a place to just chill for a bit. Meaghan and I hung out in the lounge while Katie and Mike went on the green version of the ride, or the less intense version. They were walked down and basically put right at the front of the line.

Meaghan and I watched from the window over the lines and could see a couple parts of the ride from the comfort of bean bags, lounge chairs. We hung out for a good while, Meaghan enjoying being pretty much free to play, and Honey was really nervous and panting from the rumbling of the ride going off every little bit.

After Mike and Katie returned, they got another drink and Mike wanted to go on the more intense version of the ride, the orange version. He kept egging Katie on to ride it with him and she really didn’t want to. I finally told him if he wanted to go, then go, she could stay at the Lounge with Meaghan and I. So Mike went and rode the orange version and came off on a thrilled high and babbling about how awesome it was. :D Katie hung out and played the rover game too. :)

I was worried they were going to kick us out though, as when Mike and Katie were riding, Meaghan spun around too fast with the princess backpack on and knocked her drink over spilling her orange drink all over the floor. Then while Mike was on the orange version, Meaghan discovered the window on the other side of the room overlooking the “mission control room”. She ran over and asked drug us over to look out the window and Honey being nervous came following along. Well there was a “lift off” and Honey jumped up onto the bench that was there in front of us. Worried about it being leather/vinyl, I immediately pull her down, not seeing the black table here beside me. As I pull her off the bench, the table topples over and the lady working there, who had to clean up Meaghan’s spill in her suit, comes flying over and is scolding the kids to be careful and that she doesn’t understand why HP used these black marble tables, as she is a grandma and that if they fell over, they would break your foot if they landed on them. Plus the tables were $5,000 each. So I quickly interjected, explaining that it was my fault and apologized profusely and then quickly gathered up the kids to the other side of the room on the bean bags where they were corralled so to speak and sitting still and watching the tv that was there.

Mike came up pretty soon after that, and we were needing to get over to the Living Seas for our lunch reservation at the Coral Reef restaurant. Mike and I go and look at the products they have for sale there, which we each got polo shirts.

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