Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thursday- Day 3 Morning – Magic Kingdom

We got up this morning, thinking that Honey had been able to keep her dinner down for the night, but she quickly showed us otherwise, getting sick and then we found the spot next to my side of the bed where she lost most of it sometime during the night. At this point I was really becoming concerned, as she’d last been able to keep a meal down was Tuesday morning and here it was 2 days later. I was then trying to figure out what I should do at this point and remembered that my ID card from GDF had their address and phone number on it and figured I’d call GDF and see what they suggested. We took the yellow bows out of her ears and ditched the Minnie Mouse ears, trying to make her as comfortable and stress free as possible, as well as not drawing attention to her from the crowds.

We got the girls up and ready, dressed in their princess sundresses I’d made for them. Since the girls waking up to Pal Mickey had went over so well, we’d decided to continue this, of Mike going and getting something for them each night to wake up to. With Meaghan’s Dora sandals breaking and her tennis shoes soaked from the rain, we needed new sandals for Meaghan, so this time Mike bought the girls some Crocs with Mickey Mouse ears cut outs on them. Yikes those were pricey, but he also surprised me with a pair as well, since I wasn’t too pleased with the constant wet feel of the padding in my sandals either. Unfortunately, he picked up the wrong sizes for the girls so we had to exchange them after the girls tried them on and one pr was too small and one too big.

We headed up to the store to exchange them and to our frustration, wound up with the new employee that didn’t know how to do the exchanges. So what started out to be a quick exchange was now turning into a 20 minute training session. So now we were rushing for our 8:15 reservation and it was ages before any busses came, even though we tried to make it out fairly early. We rush in making it to Cinderella’s Castle about 8:30 and thankfully made it in. We were ushered in and first you have a photo taken with Cinderella. The girls were stupefied that they were really there with Cinderella, getting her autograph and a picture with her.

Then we went up this royal elevator, to the upper level. We were met by a host, the girls were given wands with glittery stars on the end of them, and then taken to our table, kind of in a corner on the upper balcony. Honey immediately found a place behind my chair against the wall and out of the way. Mike and I were against the railing putting the girls at the end of the table to the aisle way. We could see out the windows overlooking Fantasy Land. We could see Snow White, Princess Aurora, Princess Jasmine, and Belle walking around visiting at the tables in the lower section.

Our waiter came and brought us a large bowl of rolls, muffins, cinnamon rolls and such along with filling our glasses with juices. We were then bought hot plates of food, with yummy sausage, eggs, fruits and the girls had scrumptious warm pastries. We really didn’t get to eat much though, when the Princesses made their way up to our area and the girls met Princess Aurora and then the Story time began. A recording started up and all in the room participated with their wands or for the little boys, with their swords they’d been given.

Meeting Princess Aurora:

Story time begins:

Then the girls got to meet Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. Meaghan at this point just seemed to be in overload, and unsure of what to think, as it was beyond her wildest dreams I think. :)

Then Princess Jasmine of Aladdin came to our table to visit.

Snow White then came back by to visit this time and she talked with the girls the longest, asking them about their stay and so forth. The girls really enjoyed talking with her and were bubbling over in chatter.

Then as the Princesses left, saying their goodbyes, we then finished up our wonderful breakfast and juices to fill us for the morning. We took the elevator back down to the ground level and went outside and saw that the Fairy Godmother was across the way, so we went over to meet her and then start in on Fantasy Land.

After meeting with the Fairy Godmother, we walked over by Cinderella’s Carousel and Katie and Mike both tried their hand with the Sword in the Stone. Meaghan was like “Uh NO! You guys couldn’t get it, why should I bother!” LOL! Smart Girl!

< We could see from here that there wasn’t any wait on Snow White’s Scary Ride, of which Meaghan immediately balked at going on. So Mike took Katie and got in line. Meaghan told me then that she wanted to go on Cinderella’s Carousel, so I said come on! Let’s go! We got on and rode in the carriage, Honey laid down on the floor, content to be still. After the ride was over, we got off and Katie and Mike saw us coming off and we joined back up.

From here we made our way over to the restrooms behind Ariel’s Grotto. Meaghan decided to pull a stubborn streak and was refusing to go to the bathroom, though she needed to go. So it quickly became a battle of the wills until I reminded her if she wanted to see Ariel, then she needed to co-operate. She changed her tune quite quickly then. Then we came back out and Mike was out of sight over at the covered eating area in front of Ariel’s Grotto. Once we figured out that he was over there, we went over and sat down for a bit at a table to get a drink and re-group.

Being that this was right behind Cinderella’s Castle, in front of the castle was Mickey’s show, including fireworks. Honey immediately began to shake and pant, as she does with thunderstorms, fireworks, loud motorcycles, and now loud, rumbling rollercoaster rides. We sat for a little bit longer, letting her calm down and she seemed fairly settled, not shaking, but panting yet. So we got up and Mike headed with the girls over to the Grotto and all of a sudden it was a battle of the wills between dog and handler. :( This normally isn't the case, as she is usually awesome and I can follow her anywhere she choses, except whenver there's been something of the aforementioned list of things that scare her. :(

Honey drug me back towards the bathroom that was in sight and because I was asking her to go in the direction of where the fireworks had come from, she was refusing. Commanding her to Left until we are in the right direction usually works, so we spun in several circles and she even started backing up, so no dice there. I then tried doing some obedience with her, having her sit, down, stand, and back to a sit and then told her right, going over to the right a bit and then telling her left and since she was moving, she finally gave in to going the direction I’d asked her. We made our way over to the Grotto and Mike and the girls had checked out the splash pad there with Ariel’s stature.

Once we joined back up, we went over to the side and got in line to meet Ariel. Meaghan was soooooo floored as Ariel is her absolute favorite character. She just couldn’t believe her eyes and didn’t really want to leave either. LOL! Honey was so cute too, as Ariel was sitting on a rock, with her long shiny fins out on the floor, well Honey saw the opportunity to cuddle and she took her spot right on her fins!

After coming out of Ariel’s Grotto, the sun was out full force, a first since we’d been down there. It was hot and muggy, so we stopped back at the dining area outside the Grotto and grabbed a table and got some drinks to take a break. :)

While taking our break, Katie said she wanted to ride Cinderella’s Carousel, so we decided to go ride that, go grab some fast passes for the Winnie the Pooh ride and go from there. So we went to get on the carousel, which this time Meaghan actually rode a moving pony! I said to the attendant, a different one this time, that I’d move back to the carriage and he ushered me to an exit gate. I was like well ok, but didn’t protest too much, as it let me take pictures instead.

When they were coming off the horses, Pal Mickey began to giggle and shake, so Mike pressed his tummy and Mickey told us to look for the horse that had the gold ribbon in it’s tail, it was Cinderella’s Horse. So we stayed around and was looking for Cinderella’s Horse through the next ride. Honey was looking too!

We then left from here and Mike went to get Fast Passes for the Winnie the Pooh Ride. Upon doing so, he got surprise Fast Passes for the Philhar Magic show as well! We took off for the Philhar Magic theater and got our 3D glasses to wear. We went in the side entrance and was seated first, which Honey promptly plopped down for a snooze and didn’t stir through the whole thing.

We came out of the Magic show at the entrance of the It’s a Small World ride, and again, thinking boat, AC, we went for it. We again went in the side entrance and was put on the next boat, Mike and the girls in one row and Honey and I in the one behind them. This was Meaghan’s favorite ride, as she loved all of the dolls. Honey pretty much laid down, though she poked her head up with the take off as it was a little bumpy.

Coming out of here, we knew it was time to start wrapping things up for the morning, especially since the girls didn’t have a nap the day before and Honey was needing a break some point soon. We take off back to use the Fast Passes for the Winnie the Pooh ride.

We then saw that Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Darby was meeting the kids too, so we got in line for this, and this is where I got my nice sunburn, now farmers tan! It was HOT and we were really concerned with Honey at this point, she was definitely hot. Surprisingly, it was not a covered meeting area, so the characters in full costume, were having to take breaks every 15 minutes too. The girls were getting REALLY whiny at this point and had we not had the Fast Passes for the Winnie the Pooh ride too, we’d have probably taken off after meeting the characters here. We finally made our way to the characters and had the Photopass people take their pictures there and Mike took a few with Tigger and Darby.

We buzzed out of there and went across the way to the Winnie the Pooh ride, since our Fast Passes were ready to go, and boy that sure felt good in the cars with the AC in the building. Unfortunately there was a “Thunderstorm” part as well and Honey began to shake again. :( She hopped off the ride though and once she saw we were back outside she settled back down again, then I said ok, let’s head for the busses and oh man, watch out. Honey was on a mission to get out of there. She charged full steam ahead and was trekking it through the people to the main gates and on out to the bus to head back to the hotel, without much direction from me, that’s for sure!

Once back to the Hotel, I took Honey for a break and we put the girls down for naps. I pulled out my GDF ID and gave GDF a call, and was forwarded to Grete, the Canine Care manager and leaving a message on her voice mail. Honey took a much needed break and nap on her blanket from home, after getting a good drink of water and after she'd laid on the bathroom tile floor and cooled down. Mike and I fell asleep on the bed too, and took a short, but much needed nap ourselves before the evening and our dinner reservation for the Aloha show at the Polynesian resort.

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