Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday - Day 2 After Lunch – Animal Kingdom

We left the Tusker house and headed over to Africa to hit the Lion King show as well as Camp Minnie and Mickey for character meets if possible. Along the way there were some native dancers and thankfully once we arrived for the Lion King show, we were able to use the side entrance, and there were misters in place to try to cool the people down. We were trying to keep Honey well watered, as it was muggy hot and she had again lost her meal, her breakfast.

The Lion King show- VERY AWESOME!!!!!!

I’ll let the pictures say it all- amazing dancers, amazing people doing stunts and they were awesome at getting the entire audience involved as well. The kids were GLUED to it the whole time. Honey of course took the opportunity to snooze against my legs and in the air conditioning.

My FM wound up not working through the show, as I didn't realize it had been on all morning, but fortunately it wasn't really needed. So after we got out of the show, Mike took off back up to the Guest Services to get new batteries for it and wound up coming back with a different unit.

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