Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thursday- Day 3 Evening – Aloha Show- Polynesian Resort Hotel

We got up from our naps and collected ourselves to the busses to head to Magic Kingdom to hook up with the Monorail to the Polynesian Hotel. As we were about halfway there, Grete, from GDF called and explained that Honey’s issues with keeping food down could be one of three different things:

1. Stress- which she thought it was
2. Heat Stroke
3. Gastrointestinal blockage

So she recommended that we go to the Kennels that was at the transportation center and find a vet that should be on site and get her checked out just to be sure to rule out the latter two. Since we had a set reservation, we went on to the Aloha show and would head to the Kennels immediately following the show.

So upon arriving at the Polynesian, we followed the crowd in and through the hotel and it’s gardens out in the back to the Luah Cove where the show is held. There were beautiful flowers and plants all through the gardens with exquisite smells too. We checked in for our reservation, got our lai’s and sat down and it began to rain. We were wondering what type of effect the rain would have on the show, but we saw that the seating area was completely covered. So we moved in under the overhang and I found a lone seat open, next to an elderly woman that loved to chat. ;) Mike had to take the girls to the restroom yet again, since the girls had drank the Powerade drinks we had and they made the call to start seating.

When Mike and the girls got back, we got to our seat, and had a really good view. We were the first table of the upper section, like we were for breakfast that morning at the castle, so the girls were overlooking the lower floor and able to see everything well. The meal started out with some fresh pineapple, rice, and salad appetizers and then moved on to the main course with bbq’d chicken and ribs, as well as rottissiere chicken. You talk about some GOOD eatin’!

The show itself was cute, as the cast was made up of younger and older people and they did a wide variety of stuff from newer present day type of music to older traditional stuff, of native dances too. Of course there was the flame thrower too, which surprisingly, the entire show held both girls interest pretty well, as Mike and I couldn’t believe that Meaghan actually sat still that long!

We left the Polynesian resort and boarded back on the Monorail, chatting with a lady that raised goldens and had a friend that also raised guide pups out west. She happened to be from the Cincinnatti area, so not too far from us either. She loved to talk about her dogs and asked all about Honey as we we made the loop clear around to the Transportation Center, to go to the Kennels.

At our stop, we got off and headed down to the Kennels that were a bit elusive, but once we saw the big Pluto topiary, we knew we’d found it. We went in and the guy at the reception desk was very nice and asked how he could help us. We explained our situation and asked if there was a vet on site and he worriedly said no. He went back and got his supervisor and she then was trying to think of what we could do instead. She called the emergency number to talk to an animal emergency clinic vet and let us talk with that vet over the phone.

I explained what Honey had been doing over the past couple of days and that while she was not keeping any food down, she was drinking lots of fluids and seemingly completely normal otherwise. I then put Mike on the phone with the ER vet and she had him check Honey’s gums and then explained to him that she too thought it was just stress from what we’d described. She explained to watch Honey’s gums, that if it was heat stroke, that her gums would turn bright to dark red instead of the healthy pink that they should be. She said too that the possibility of the GI blockage was there, but from what we’d said, that she was normal otherwise and that there were no other symptoms, she really didn’t think it was that.

She recommended not feeding Honey any food for a period of 8 hours and then starting her back with a bland diet, white rice and boiled chicken for the next few days. She was more than happy to see Honey if we wanted to make the arrangements to get off of Disney property and to the animal hospital, but that the visit would be $95 for the exam. We decided to wait until the next morning and to see how she was doing and we would go to the concierge desk at the hotel and see if we could get some help from the food courts about getting what we needed for her for food.

The girls both had to go to the restroom again, so I took Honey outside to Pluto’s Doggy Park and took the harness off and let her sniff and walk around for a good 20-30 minutes so she had some down time. When Mike got back with the girls, we debated whether to go back to Magic Kingdom or to call it a night. We wanted to go back, but as tired as we all were, we weren’t sure how well everyone would do the last day if we did. We decided to give it a try and see how far we got and vowed to leave when things started to go south. So we were off to Magic Kingdom and popped onto the Monorail.

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