Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday - Day 2 Morning – Animal Kingdom

We started our morning bright and early to the girls, as they were truly sawing the logs. LOL!

Though once they got up, they were up for the fun! Mike had went to the gift shop and picked up a Pal Mickey plush doll, that was pretty cool. Pal Mickey has a sensor thing in his nose, that if you keep him facing forward as you enter the parks, he has a wealth of information to share with you. He’ll start shaking and giggling and you squeeze his tummy and he’ll tell you about something you are passing, different show times in the park and so forth. Mike also picked up some rain gear for Mickey, a poncho and rain boots to keep Mickey dry with the crazy weather that we heard to be had. We headed up to the main building for breakfast and along the way we made a stop for some cute pictures with the Lucky, Pongo, Perdita, and the Puppies running from Horace and Jasper!

(One of my favorite ones!)

Once up at the lobby, the girls headed over to the “theater” while Mike checked in with the concierge desk about a couple of things and surprisingly, Meaghan, who’s job for the morning was carrying Mickey, was quite the ham, which normally she doesn’t want anywhere near a camera… Katie was carrying the princess backpack with the notebooks for autographs.

So we got in line amongst what seemed a gazillion Brazilian teenager tour groups for the bus and got our ride to the Animal Kingdom park. It was a bit of a walk to the main gates, and with all of the tour groups, even though we had arrived early, we still had to wait to get through with our key cards. After getting through the gates, we made a hard left over to Guest Services and obtained the card stating that I was approved as a person with disabilities to use the fast pass/side entrances for all the attractions that had them. A BIG time saver! :D We also picked up an FM system for the shows we were hoping to make and we were ready to start exploring the park!

As we head in, there were multiple cast members with habitat containers and various creatures for the kids to come up and see up close and learn about. The girls were looking at these long millipede things with this cast member.

Then along the main pathway back to the Tree of Life, there were various animal exhibits on both sides, of which Honey very quickly made a veer to the right to check out the birds and critters behind this fence.

We also saw some other animals along the way and got to see a little muntjac deer and once we arrived over the bridge and onto the Tree of Life Island, we were on the hunt for some Mickey Mouse ears for Honey. It didn’t take too long to find them, as we were directed into the lands of Asia and SUCCESS! :D

We stopped to figure out where we were heading being at the gateway to Asia, and a cast member came up and offered to take our pictures here.

Heading through Asia, we got a clear view of Expedition Everest, that Mike and Katie both wanted to ride. We headed on around to get our fast passes for that and since we had some time, we headed on over to Dinoland, that was a BIG hit for all.

Katie, Honey, and I rode the Triceratops Spin and then Meaghan and I hung out at a bench while Mike and Katie rode the Primeival whirl. It was fun sitting there as all these people kept doing double takes at Honey laying at my feet.

Then we headed on over to the Boneyard, a huge playground area done up in dinosaur bones and a bone dig and so forth. Meaghan was in heaven, since she really likes her dinosaurs. The girls got to play for a bit and Honey and I took a break on a bench as the girls and Mike played in the sand and up and down the slides.

After letting the girls play at the Boneyard, we headed back through to the Tree of Life to go to Asia since our fast passes for Expedition Everest were now ready. Mike and Katie took off for that as Honey, Meaghan and I hung out off to the side of a store. Katie apparently kept her eyes shut most of that ride. LOL!

We then took off back to the Tree of Life and over into Africa to make our lunch reservation at the Tusker House. By this point we were starving, hot, and ready for some food. We got there and Meaghan was excited to hold the buzzer thing and Honey was ready for another break, with all the people oohhing and ahhing over her, and even a few diving in to pet and take pictures with/of her. We did have one lady that wasn’t paying attention, almost fall over Honey, and she had to have clobbered Honey, as she nailed me pretty good in the left shoulder, trying to catch her balance. She apologized profusely and we all went on our way. Honey didn't act like it phased her, but I could tell she was pretty nervous after that amongst the people.

Lunch was a variety of things of African inspiration and American cuisine as well. All was super yummy and the deserts were just awesome. Everyone chowed down really well here, as well as we could with being so hot, with the buffet spread of food.

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