Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday- The flight down and Downtown Disney

We started our vacation by arriving at the airport bright and early and checked in with our paper tickets. We pass on through security without a problem, though I was rather surprised that the TSA officer did ask me to have Honey to sit and drop the leash and come through the metal detector. I was suprised since they aren't supposed to separate you from your service animal.

However, I knew Honey would be fine, so I put her at a sit and stay, walked through and then saw another TSA offier coming up to the one that had asked me to drop the leash, but she just hung back and didn't say anything. I called Honey forward and she came forward and happily submitted to the inspection and then got a chuckle out of everyone as she did a big stretch and wagged her tail.

We took off down the ramp to our gate and hung out as eyes were following Honey and I with every step we took. The girls were busting at the seams with excitement that they were going to be going on an airplane, and Mike then took them around the terminal to check it out, kill some time, and let the girls plane watch. Here's a few pics:

We boarded the plane, the girls and I on one side and Mike across the aisle from us. Katie was thrilled and her nose practically glued to the window the whole time during take off. Meaghan was scared and held both Mike and my hands through take off and getting up into the air. Mike and I were able to ease her fears some by talking about Rocket from Little Einstiens. Then with the first bathroom trip, she seemed to settle down considerably.

After our almost 2 hour flight, we come down and landed not in Sunny Florida as we'd hoped, but thunderstorms and pouring down rain. :( We made our way through the airport to Disney's Magical Express counter and check in for the bus ride to our hotel, the All Star Movies resort hotel. At this point, all was so glad to be off the plane and honestly, it was just then starting to set in that we were truely on a bus headed to Disney World. In the excitement, we took some pictures:

So we arrived at our hotel, and checked in. It was still raining really hard, to our dismay. But we were going to make the best of it as we headed back to our room and building, the mighty ducks, building 3. Along the way we passed the fantasia pool, the 101 dalmations buildings and followed the bones and footprints in the pathways. It was all really cool and so much detail to everything. We got to our room and settled in as we re-grouped and got ready to head out to Downtown Disney for our dinner reservation at the Rainforest Cafe.

Our Mickey Ears welcome:

Waiting in line for the bus to head to Downtown Disney:

So we quickly learn that our hotel is probably the furthest one away from almost everything. ;) But we get to Downtown Disney and we start our grand adventure! We started with the rainforest cafe, which if you don't know, is a place with a bunch of saltwater fish tanks, the eating area looks like a rainforest, and at the top and bottom of the hour, there is a thunderstorm and all the animals come to life, making thier noises and moving around.

Even though we did have reservations, we did browse the store for a good while until we were called to be seated. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the tanks, but Honey was really rattled by the thunderstorm, though she seemed to improve as the evening went on and through the course of our meal:

We ordered our meal, I ordered the carribean shrimp, Mike got the pastalaya, Katie got the mini hot dogs, and Meaghan had chicken fingers. We all ate very heartily and then we ordered a volcano desert. YUMMY!!!!

After dinner, it was raining yet again outside, and it was almost 8:30, so we decided to head back to the room and call it a night. We board our bus back to the hotel and we had the whole thing to ourselves. The girls took great fun with this and danced on the bus as we made our way back to the hotel.

All of the fun and laughter very quickly ended though, and a scary moment happened as Mike and the girls exited the bus first and we were exiting at the back doors to the bus. As I'd been taught at the school, I went down the steps first, Honey sitting patiently and waiting to follow. I got down and as she started to come down, since the steps were so steep, the harness handle flipped forward and kind of startled her, so she stopped and backed up. I called her forward again and as she started down, she was now in the well of the steps and apparently the driver was unable to see her. All of a sudden, the doors to the bus closes. My dog is inside, and I have about 6 inches of the leash sticking out. I immediately begin beating on the doors with my fist, and Mike runs up to the front door of the bus that was still open. The driver opens the doors up and Honey flew down those steps then. Both Katie and Meaghan were upset and scared at what had happened too. So we re-grouped and walked back to the room, soaking our sandals in the puddles and it was raining pretty hard too.

We get back, unload our suitcases, took Honey for a break, and came back and fed her, and then we all sat down and went through our maps and WDW guide book to make our plans for what we were going to hit at Animal Kingdom on Wednesday. We all hit the sack and Honey lost the first of all of her meals for the next couple of days. :(

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