Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday - Day 2 Evening – Magic Kingdom

We arrived at the Contemporary Hotel and got off the bus and tried to re-group. Pulled out the wash cloths that we’d taken with, intending to use to cool ourselves off, not to dry off with. And to be honest, at this point I was ready to melt down myself, after the long day of heat, then to be rained on, storms in the forecast for the rest of the week, and girls not getting naps, and we weren’t able to hit all of the things I’d hoped to hit at Animal Kingdom, feeling quite rushed and even stressed myself with the tons of people, crowded and narrow walkways and so forth. While it is an awesome place, I’ll be frank, the lay out is just poor, especially for a visually impaired person with narrow walkways and having to take bridges to get to each “region”.

So after a few choice words between Mike and I, we moved on and walked over to Magic Kingdom, since it was just lightly sprinkling at this point, and we were soaked anyway. We went to Tony’s and asked if there was any chance we could go ahead and get in for our dinner, although it was considerably earlier than our reservation time. Thankfully they were able to get us in and the mood lightened considerably, as we got food in our bellies, and yummy stuff at that! Mike happened to catch a picture of me as I just caught off to the side of my vision him focusing the camera, so this shot really does sum of the mood I was in at the moment. LOL!

So after leaving Tony’s, we thought we’d go over to the shop where you get the Mickey mouse ears hats and get them embroidered. We were barely able to get in the door and “ears” have significantly expanded in their choices in the 10 yrs since Mike and I had been down there on our honeymoon. There were now princess ears, mickey ears, Minnie ears, different colors, stuff with ribbons, and so forth. We knew to trust our better judgement and save this task for another time when all parties involved were a little more rested. ;)

So we take off back across the square and the girls spied the Goofy statue on the bench and out comes the camera! :D

At this point, we figured we’d be best to head back to the hotel, as it was almost 8pm and four really tired people and a really tired pup. We start to the exit and see over to the side, Chip and Dale for autographs and meets. So figured why not, lets do it and be done with it. Then as we are standing in line, here comes Pluto out as well! Whoo hoo!

Dale was quite comical and had everyone laughing as he tried to “eat” Katie’s autograph book and spat it out! The girls just loved it!

Then we went back to meet Pluto. I don’t know who liked him more, the girls or Honey! She immediately went to Pluto and we got several shots of them nose to nose. :)

We made our way back out to the veranda in front of the Town Hall and Pluto’s assistant came out and asked if we could possibly email her the pictures we had of Honey with Pluto, as he would like to have a copy of it. We said sure and got her email, which I’ve sent them to her, and then we took off to head back to the hotel. Upon arriving back to our room, lo and behold was a gift from Pluto, a tin of treats and a photo of Pluto with a note saying that Honey was doing a Dog-gone good job there!, which I think came from the hotel itself, but it was perfect timing, having just met Pluto and the girls were just floored! :D

We quickly called it a night, and got to bed, to head back to Magic Kingdom the following morning for a breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle!

*** To be continued tomorrow***

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PurdueJennifer said...

I love your pouty picture, Kacie. Oh, I know all about that! I LOVE THOSE PICTURES of Honey with Pluto. So precious! I never realized how much they look alike. Jen