Thursday, July 3, 2008

We have phones again!!!

They finally called Mike on his cell phone yesterday about 10:30am, after we'd been going back and forth at each other on IM about how to deal with it, and said they'd be out in 20 minutes.

The guy came to the door and said "Having phone trouble?" I just looked at him and said "Yep." Trying to keep the tongue lashing from spewing out of my mouth that so wanted to occur. He replies that he'll go around back and take a look at what's up. I simply said, "Have at it." And he took off around the house. Checked the box on the back as Mike had done, then moved on out to the junction box where the troubles had started to begin with.

He was out there for a good 30 mins or so, back and forth multiple times from his van that he'd parked out front to the junction box well back behind our house, moreso behind the neighbor behind us in the eavesment. He was carrying stuff back and forth, and ultimately pulled out this large tan metal box and took it back there too. A half hour later he came to the door and said I have to check another line on down the street, I'll be back in a bit.

He may have, but I'm just thinking, ok, how stupid do you think I am. It's 11:30 and lunch time. Just tell me you are going to lunch and will be back afterwards. Sure enough, he came back at 12pm on the dot and went back out to the box for maybe 30 seconds and came back up and had me sign the ticket saying, "All Set!" Nothing about crediting our bill or anything. I'm trying to decide if I should call and request that, as I'm pretty sure they won't voluntarily offer it. Then the guy sat out in front of our house chatting on a phone for the next 20 minutes in his van, before pulling off.

But I had working phones and internet, so I am at least content now. LOL!

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