Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saturday- Day 5- The Flight Home

We got up bright and early on Saturday morning and quickly got dressed and ready to go. Ate our breakfast of muffins and juice/milk and so forth. The girls and I went to the restroom and Mike was all over us on being out there even though there was stills ome time yet before the bus was to leave. But we made it, though we were all moving pretty slow and the driver- let’s just say he was just too darn happy and chatty at that time of the morning. He was trying to get everyone to sing along, talk with him and so forth and I just remember thinking dude, can you just be quiet? LOL! But he did take us to our destination and the beauty of the Disney’s Magical Express- we didn’t have to mess with our bags- they do it for you- checking it in and so forth, since we’d checked in at the hotel.

So we went on back and went through security and before we knew it, it was actually time to board the plane. For some reason, there was like 4 families all in the same area and no one was sat together with their family. It was pretty crazy. We were in rows 11 & 12, but none of the 4 of us was actually together, there were people between each of us. So we dickered around, trying to make everyone happy that they were with their kids and such, and then a flight attendant came and grabbed Mike and said he was moving up to business class. Mike was like uh but what about my family here. The attendant said they were moving all 4 of us up, and that we needed to put Honey in the one row though.

So Mike and Katie was up front together in the bulkhead seat and then Meaghan and I, with Honey were 2 rows back from them at the back of the section. Those seats sure where nice and the snacks were much better! Meaghan was a happy camper with the selection of cookies to snack on and the bigger seat to curl up in. Meaghan did very well on the flight home, no issues at all about being up in the air, other than being a complete chatter box and wanting to show me something every time I’d just dozed off. LOL! We made it all the way back to Indy, was doing the descent, and I had showed her that we were going down, looked out the window and saw the Indianapolis Speedway- which means you are like 3 minutes from touch down if that and looked over and Meaghan was out COLD! Seriously could not wake her up. She didn’t even stir when the plane bumped down to the ground. We pulled into the terminal and I called Mike to let him know that he’d need to carry her off the plane, so we let everyone else vacate, and since people in economy class were still fighting to get their bags out of the overhead compartments Mike grabbed Meaghan and we made our way off the plane.

We went through the terminal and past the security checkpoint to see Dad and Sue flag us down. Honey was just absolutely cute, she saw them and then she truly knew that she was on her way home. She loves Dad and Sue anyway, but she was soooo happy to be headed home and to see them, that I thought she was going to wiggle right out of her harness! I’ve not seen her wiggle that much before. LOL!

We went on down to baggage claim and got our bags and the girls were talking nonstop about the trip with Grandma. They were showing off their autograph books and pictures and crocs and such, just talking 90 miles a minute. Once the bags were picked up, we made our way out to the garage and piled in the van for home and it sure was nice to be home! Let Honey out of the harness and she just rolled and rolled and rubbed her back on the carpet and came up and rubbed and loved on me for a good while. Dad and Sue took off and we ate a quick lunch and everyone laid down for what was to be just a regular nap. Well that regular nap ended when one of the kids woke up at 6pm! LOL! We were pooped, but we were home! :D

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