Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friday- Day 4- Evening- Riding the Monorail & Ferry

We then trekked it on out to the monorail to go on over to Magic Kingdom. We went up to the platform and waited for the next train, to be able to ride in the front cabin with the driver. We were able to do so and the girls really enjoyed it. They were given cards of being official Disney World Monorail Co-Pilots and Katie got to help the driver blow the horn! :) It was really cute too, as the driver got in after we did and didn’t realize Honey was even there snoozing on the floor until Mike asked him if he’d ever had a dog as a co-pilot. LOL!


Then once we arrived at the Transportation Center, we got off and we had the choice of walking in or riding the ferry over to Magic Kingdom. The girls wanted to ride the ferry and there was one coming in, so we did.


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