Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Afternoon break here! Im really really excited. :) Did my interview this morning to know what needs I had and specifics I had- types of walking- no sidewalks, yes sidewalks, how much walking I'd be doing- around a lot of stray dogs, squirrels, etc and so forth. Then got a tour of the kennels, which was really cool. :)

Had lunch and REALLY good clam chowder. Im not a huge fan of chowder but this stuff was GOOD, then a lunchmeat sandwich and some chips. :)

After lunch we met for lecture and talked about a few things, questions were answered about some of the commands and so forth. Then after that I went out with Mike and did the short handle walk. WOW It's sooooo weird looking up and out again! Seriously, it's nice being able to look up instead of down at the ground where I'm stepping all the time! I'm really excited now! :)

They said for this class the dogs are labrador retrievers, golden retreivers, goldadors, or golden/flat coat retriever mixes. They also said that we will have our dogs by mid morning. :D I can't wait!!!!!

I started knitting, but I think I twisted it and having a real difficult time on the 29 inch circs I have so going to pull out my double points and start over again. :)

In about an hour they are going to start training us on leash guiding, on how the dog will guide us using the leash only. Yay! :)


Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you! Hope you sre doing well. It's cold here in Indy, hope not too bad there.

Anonymous said...

BTW- Love the blog! Looking forward to reading more. What a great experiance!

Jovi said...

what knitting are you working on? sorry you have to rip it, but the rest of your day sounds fabulous!! can't WAIT for tomorrow :) :) (you even more, i'm sure, since it's your dog!)