Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starting the New Year...

This morning finds me with snow on the ground and flippin' cold outside! MD is back to school and Hubby is back to work this morning. Now comes the clean up from the Holidays, since everyone has been on the sick side around here with colds: snotty noses, coughing, sinus infections, and ear infections. But we are all on drugs now: (drugs are goooood! LOL!) we are starting to feel better. :)

So the countdown is on: 12 days until I fly out for 10 days to NY. Gosh, I'm really getting nervous now as I am worried about getting bills paid, things done, clothes packed for me and AC to go stay with my Aunt and Uncle. Have contacts to make to the schools, a few more arrangements for childcare to make, a few projects to finish, laundry and housework to get caught up on, and so forth, as I hope to leave here trying to keep things to a minimum that Hubby will need to do, so he can go into survival mode while I'm gone. I have to admit, the List Queen is emerging like you've never seen before and the stack of stuff on the desk here beside me to do is rather scary!

And keep your fingers/toes/etc crossed and prayers please, Hubby got a call from the Marion County Library yesterday, of all days. He'd applied for a position there back in late Oct./early Nov. and we never heard anything on it, so we figured it was a no go and had long forgotten about it. Well, last night he had his phone on the charger in the bedroom and it was buzzing. There was a vm there from them asking for him to call them back today. The position was with benefits almost the same as where he's at now, which is hard to duplicate, being that he's at such a large company. And because it's a gov't job, he would have more time off, as all gov't observed holidays would be off. It would be a little more travel, as he'd be going around the city and supporting the various libraries, but that's doable. It would definately be a M-F job and not all of the overtime/on-calls that we have to contend with now. Which means more time for family and being at home and a lot less of the interuptions that we get from the gazillion phone calls he gets at all hours of the night for this and that problem. It is also unionized, so there would be a more likely chance of not being downsized w/o very much notice, which is the ever present fear of where he's at right now. So this move would be really good for us as a family and for him as a career as well. :)

New Year's Resolutions- the topic I'm hearing a lot of today... Not really planning on committing to any, other than I do want to keep up on this blog for those who know us. There are a few things I do want to do more of/do this year though which would be:

1. Thank you to Dad & Sue for the Gym Membership to our church- Get there and do some sort of exercising

2. Take the kids to the Zoo/Children's museum often- Thank you again to Dad and Sue for the membership to the Museum and to my Aunt and Uncle for the membership to the zoo. I'm excited to go!

3. Work on weight loss! I had done so well after having MD, but with being pregnant with AC, gained it all back and then some. *sigh* I really want to work on getting it off and hoping that with my new dog, I'll see more outdoor activity! :D

4. Get to the Library more! KT LOVES to read and AC loves going. I am so excited to get my dog and not fear crossing the streets anymore with the kids. So that's my other goal this summer, to get out and about more = more walking = more exercise = weight loss! ;) (I can dream right! :D )

Ok, so I'm 2 for 2 and have posted! Yay! I'd better get hopping and start tackling this monsterous to do list the List Queen has created for me! ;)



genegrl said...

happy holidays weldy family

Shari said...

Hey, Kacie, just stopped by to post a surprise on your blog only to find you wrote a new post!! :)

Great news! Hope the job goes well for you guys.

Countdown for your dog guide. How exciting!!

Kacie, I gave you an award. That was quick, huh? You just started and here I am giving you an award. Please stop by when you can and pick up your award. Take care and GOd bless. :)


Stacie said...

fingers crossed for Mike and the job!

good luck on all of your "resolutions"