Tuesday, January 15, 2008

oops forgot to add after dinner stuff. ;)

After dinner we had lecture and Barb went over the volunteer program and took the names of those who were interested in going out and about this weekend to do something fun, whether it be go shopping, to the movies, the mall, or to the beach. I declined as I'm sooo excited to meet Jovi! :D

Then all those who are getting a subsequent dog, they headed downstairs to the tv room and had a bereavement lecture with Barb. All us newbies, we hung out and Jodie and Dan handed out the leashes and the check chains (choker collar) and we learned the proper way to put them on our dogs, by practicing on a life sized stuffed doggy. :)

Then they handed out our bowls, brushes, scoops for food, and nylabones. So we wrapped up about 8:30ish and were free to go do whatever. It got pretty quiet around here, as I think most turned in early for bed. Everyone's pretty tired and anxious for tomorrow. :)


Erin & Midnight said...

*girl jumps up and down in her seat*
Can't wait to hear more!!!! Do you know what breed yet...course I guess I just better wait and read :-))

Jovi said...

yay! i'm coming sunday, OK? i'll IM with details :)