Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Update for the last few days... part 2: Weekend

Ok I've not been around the last few days, as I've just kinda been in a slump and I'm really stressing over all this stuff going on. I'm really stoked to leave for the guide dog, but gosh the changes and such it's taking to get there are really getting to this A-type underlying personality. ;)

I'll post for the last few days here, in separate posts. so it's not all jam packed together in one big one.

Well the weekend was a good one. We got lots done and Saturday, KT went to basketball with Grandpa. We putz'd around the house doing laundry and clean up. It was nice to get things accomplished and can I just say I LOVE our new frontloaders! Seriously, we have been able to do all of our laundry in one morning or one evening with them. It's been so much more laid back around here and able to do other things instead. :) And it's such a good feeling to not have a gazillion loads of laundry that needs to be done! Plus it seems with the clothes being done so much sooner, that we are being much better about going ahead and puttting things away instead of letting them sit in the baskets unfolded. :) So YAY for the new frontloaders!

Saturday evening we went to church, and gosh, can you just say directed right at'cha type of service! We talked with Pastor Steve and his wife about me leaving soon, as they've been following our saga for a while now. :) Afterwards, we stopped at Stouts and bought the kids all new tennis shoes, since KT is now in a size 2 1/2 Wand was wearing a 1 1/2... oops! MD is now in 11's to 11 1/2 D width, And AC is wearing a 10 W as well. He's going to catch up to MD here before too long! So the kids all now have tennis shoes that fit them. :)

Sunday we got up pretty late, sleeping in for a change, and it was a pretty laid back day. Hubby took it easy most of the day, watching football and such. KT and I took down the christmas tree, since it wasnt down from all the sickness that was in the house immediately following Christmas. So we got all that taken down, the dining room moved around back to where it was, and now just waiting on Hubby to get the Christmas boxes back up to the attic. :) We all enjoyed eating together as a family and just hanging out together. :)

I also worked on a shrug I was knitting for KT, in a knit-along with a couple of online moms. I was doing this pattern:


By Saturday I'd gotten to where I split the sleeves:


Then I finished it on Sunday night and KT tried on on yesterday. She LOVED it. :)



So now I need to figure out what all I need to take with me to NY, so I have stuff to work on there. :)


Erin & Midnight said...

We have a front loader also and LOVE It!!! Cute shrug,I personally am more of a crocheter; Never could get the hang of using two needles!!

Stacie said...

the shrug looks GREAT!

Andrea said...

That shrug is adorable!!! Katie looks so cute!