Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dog Day!!!!!!!!! Bedtime

The evening has passed and I'm loving her more and more! :) We had our evening lecture down in the exercise room, all of us with dogs that were part goldens. We practiced the heel command, to get the dog in position and yet again, she amazed me by coming in and while another dog was sniffing and wanting to visit, at a quick "leave it" she immediately plopped down on the floor and waited for he praise of petting that was due. :D This dog LOVES to have her chin scratched and LOVES for you to love on her. :) Which I'm quite happy to do as well. :)

She's already quickly picking up the voice commands, as I'm forgetting to do quite a few of the hand signs, though I try to remember. LOL! She's doing awesome at getting me to the doors and all too. :) She has just about got it on getting to our bedrom too. It is just awesome to be able to look out again, instead of at the ground all the time!

We went out for evening break and she did number one and while I tried to get her to busy, busy some more, she just looked at me with those big brown eyes and flat out said, I'm done, let me out of here. LOL! So we headed on inside. :) Then as I am not feeling too hot, with a serious sinus headache and upset tummy, I laid down on the bed for a bit. She so sweetly came over and laid her head against my hand, as I gently rubbed her soft ears. Then she laid herself down beside the bed next to me.

I napped for a bit, and now up for a few, my stomach feeling a lot better, though still a little rumbly. She's quietly outstretched and nestled over in he corner. I almost hate it I'll need to put her on the tie down, but I know I have to, since she does still have some playfulness in her, as when I took her off the tie down after dinner, she immediately grabbed the ball of yarn (it looked like a ball to play with) and when I took that away, she grabbed one of my gloves laying on the bed. She was just carrying it around, but I quickly told her No and gave her the nylabone and boy we were a happy camper then! :) She proudly carried her bone back and forth around the bed asking too for butt scratches and ear rubs. :)

I can't wait to go out with her and see how she does out and about instead of the small confinements of here in the building. Also really excited for the kids to meet her. :) They are absolutely going to dote on her, as gentle and loving as she is. :)

Well, I'd better get myself to bed, 6am is going to come early!
Night All!

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