Thursday, January 3, 2008

Busy, busy day today!

Today saw both girls back to school and life back to what can be called normalcy and peace. ;) AC was so good today, playing and entertaining himself today as I plugged away on the various projects I have going and things I am trying to get done. Though he's so cute right now, as he'll come up and spin my chair around and say in this cute voice, "Take my hand! " and then grab me by the hand wanting me to follow him to whatever it is he's wanting, usually a snack of some sort. Hubby says he has me wrapped around his little finger and I'm starting to believe it. I love this age where they can talk to you, but just before they start that major temper tantrum and fighting everything phase. They are so fun, love to please you, and so much joy at this point in thier lives. Why cant they stay like this. ;)

I am feeling better about things, as I accomplished a LOT today, both in the house and paperwork wise! YAY! I also got a call from GDF, that next Wednesday, January 9th, I have a conference call to join in on from 1-2pm, to meet my classmates and so that we may all ask any questions we may have.

The countdown continues: 11 days!

Update on Hubby's job front- He has an interview for 9am next Thursday! YES!!!! Please pray some more that this goes through. It would be such a blessing to us in many ways!

Hubby switched out our thermostat tonight, as for some reason the furnace has been acting up on us for the last couple of months. Not sure if it's the thermastat or the furnace, so trying to rule one of the two out. We had a digital thermastat and had pretty much put it on a constant 74 degrees since I'm here all the time. It has been going along just fine and then for some reason, the blower wouldnt come on. You can hear the pre fan going, but the blower would never kick on and the temperature would just begin to drop. If you turn the switch to off, then turn it back to heat, the blower then kicks in, but it has to be turned off and then back on. It doesn't do it all the time, but did it 2-3 times over a couple of days, then didnt do it again for a week or two, then did it again, and then we put all the programs at the one temp and did it again a week or so later. Then on Christmas night, we put it on hold, hoping it was the switching between settings that was causing the problem, but it did it again yesterday. I really hope our furnace isn't going out on us! Though it's really the only mechanical thing left in this house that we haven't replaced, aside from the garage door opener... So keep your fingers crossed that it's the thermastat and this takes care of the problem!

Well this is going to be a shorter one, but I think I'd better head off to finish up those InDBA minutes I promised for yesterday, so I can get them out and get rolling on the big basket of socks that are sitting in the living room. ;)



Anonymous said...

Hi Kacie, You have a wonderful & very informative blog. I have Usher 2 also. Diagnosed age 40, summer of 1988. But noticed the vision changing in my mid 30's. fun fun!!!!! Thanks to you and Shari it is nice to have more Usher friends. Best wishes on our guide dog!!!! HUGS, Molly CC from FL bilateral cochlear implants 4/95 and 2/06 !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kacie, oops I meant YOUR GUIDE DOG. Sorry.... Molly CC from FL

Erin & Midnight said...

Hi Kacie! I'm a puppy walker from GDF's Talk List...Erin and Midnight, we also have a blog but is private...I'll add you if you want to read it!
But anywyas we're all waiting with baited breath to hear who your new partner will be!!!

Erin & Midnight

Mom22grls&1boy said...

Hello Molly CC from FL! It's so nice to meet you! :) Isn't life with Ushers just a trip?! Oops, no pun was intended there! LOL!

I hope to hear more from you soon! Thank you for posting!


Mom22grls&1boy said...

Erin, Thank you! Emailed you already and looking forward to talking to you more too! Thanks for the invite and I too am anxious to find out who I'll get! :D Will talk to you more soon! :)


Anonymous said...

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