Monday, January 14, 2008

Landed in NY- Here at GDF!

Well Im here and I'm WIPED! Flight was really good. Got to the airport and my Aunt and Uncle brought AC in with me. We hung for a few minutes after I got my bag checked in. AC was just running all over, so I went ahead and sent them off. I hugged AC and told him to be good and kissed him. Told him to stay with Aunt Nancy and then took off for security and didn't look back. I knew I'd break down if I did.

So got me a patty melt sandwich to eat at American Bandstand restuarant and then went to the gate. I had about a half hr and boarded on the plane first, with some help. I thought I was good to get on by myself, but I tried to walk past the door to board. Another passenger walked with me and called out the different dividers on the ramp. I got on and the flight was great, smooth take off and landing. Actully got here a little early too. :) Landed right on time about 2pm and got to baggage and Doug, another trainer said Greg- my trainer had a personal emergency come up and don't know when he'll be back for sure, so they have another trainer stepping in. Then I find out we have 2 other people to pick up there at the airport and the last one comes in at 3:45, to be followed by a 2 hr drive to the school bc of rush hour traffic. sigh.

So we get here to the school, scarf down some dinner and head in for our first meeting. They talked about expectations, stuff about the program and so forth. I really, really feel good about this. Mike Devlin, the main trainer for this class, he's excited bc he's actually wanting to train my dog to do some other things besides be my guide. He wants to train it to respond to my shake awake alarm, to the kids crying, and wants to show me how to train it to respond to a few other things too that are critical, such as the buzzer on the stove as well. I'm just super, super excited! :D So got back here to my room and it's 9:30.

We are up at 7, breakfast at 8 and then we will be working and doing lectures all day tomorrow for them to do the final determination of which dog we get, which we'll meet for the first time on Wednesday. After Wednesday, it'll be 6am wake up and 7am breakfast. LOL! I talked with Mike a long time after the meeting in which I talked with him about problem areas for me, the hearing things and so forth. So he's really excited to get the chance to try to do these extra things, as he said the dog that he's pretty sure I'll be getting is really smart and he think's I'll do exceptionally well with it.

I called Hubby too and he said KT got home and realized I wasnt home and just went downhill fast all evening. :( I wasn't able to call as I'd told them I'd do, bc class ran so late and they were already in bed. :( But I'll call tomorrow at dinner to be sure to get them. He said too he thinks MD is sick. She's running a 100.2 fever, coughing more, and complaining her tummy hurts. :( So he may be home with her tomorrow, while working from home. He had a rough day too, as he had to go in over the weekened to try some new processes, well they didnt do most of them bc they didnt work, well Omaha DID do them and it broke a LOT of things in Indy, so he had a long day fixing other peoples mess ups. Ok I need to unpack yet and it's 10:30pm. So I'm signing off here.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow! :)

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Shari said...

Great. I am glad they can see if your dog can wake you when the alarm goes off or when one of the kids are crying. I thought maybe it would be too much work for a guide dog-something about being on duty too much and needing a break. This sounds wonderful.

I can't wait to find out what kind of dog you get and if it's a lab, what color. I'm excited for you.

Yes, the cooking...that'd be something to get used to, having to eat someone else's cooking for a change. Enjoy!!!