Saturday, January 19, 2008


Hello All!

Today's been a chilly day, but a good one. :) We were up at 6am and whoo hoo, we've got the busy, busy thing down now! :D We've gone out and she's done her business within 5-10 minutes of going out. So instead of being the first one out and almost the last one in as it's been REALLY nice, we are the first one out and in before most of the others make it out! WHOOO HOO! :D She's done #2 for me twice again today, so yay, we are settling in well. :)

We went to breakfast and the dogs were all good, and then loaded up on the bus at 8:15 and headed off to St. James town. We parked off to the left side of a strip mall with a grocery store on our end, and we all did street crossings today. Man, you talk about such an awesome feeling to be able to walk down the street again with confidence. Honey did really well, only having a couple of issues, but minor ones at that and very correctable. She is tending to crowd me to the right, keeping me as far from the street/traffic as possible, which is good, but brushing a few things, so we are working on that and she picked it up quickly. Mike Sargent and I walked the whole length of downtown from the strip mall, passing people, driveways, crossing streets and navigating around obstacles in the sidewalk such as menu signs and plantars. Honey saved my hide once already, as we were at a corner and I had told her forward. She was kinda hesitant and in not paying attention to traffic, trying to tell her forward, a car had come up and was turning in front of us. But she refused it and wouldnt budge. GOOD GIRL HONEY!!!!! :D I felt a little stupid but hey, she did perfect! :D

So we went the whole way and Mike S. Said I did great and that the whole way back that he'd be about 10 feet behind me. We walked back doing pretty well, the only other real issue we had was we were at a curb and she was a little distracted and veered to the left instead of straight. We stopped and came back and tried it again, which she again went to the left, but this time as I made the correction, she came back into place immediately and we went on our way. As we were almost back, Mike Devlin walked by as a passing pedestrian and she of course recognized him and veered way left to get to him, but corrected her hard and she immediately came back quickly and back to what she was supposed to be doing. We headed on to the bus, boarded and took her harness off and gave her LOTS of praise. I sooooooo can't wait to get home and go places again!!!! :D

So we come back to the foundation and watered and breaked the dogs, and went to lunch for some soup and sandwiches to warm up. After lunch I was debating whether to take the nap I was needing or go do my laundry. The nap won out and I laid down thinking I'd wake up in just a little bit. Well, a little bit turned into 3 hours! LOL! I woke up at 4:10- with a bed mate mind you. LOL! And I'm still in a bit of a daze. I woke up in time to feed, water, and break Honey, and go on down to dinner. Dinner was yummy, being spagetti with smoked sausage and herbs on top, and some garlic bread. Chocolate cake again for dessert of course. :D

So I've come back to the room to update and will take Honey and go practice the stairs and elevator as I need to do, and going to meet Destiny and her handler downstairs and we'll groom the dogs.

So off til later!

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