Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 2 with Honey- Back from the Park

Ok I know we aren't supposed to compare ourselves with the other teams, as there are different skill levels and so forth, but I really have to brag about my Honey! :D I'm so proud of us! :D

We got to Kings Park and Mike Sargent called for me to come out and we did. We breaked her on the street and still no #2, but she really had to go #1. Yay! :) Then we put the harness on her and took off on the bike path. We very quickly caught up to the other two dogs that had taken off before us and went completely up the bike path, back up the sidewalk to the main street the park was on and then back down the street w/o a sidewalk to the bus. Then we did another meet and greet with another dog. Mike Sargent kept saying she was doing AWESOME and was actually doing better at the end of the walk than when we first started out, which he said was really good. She stopped on her own for the curbs and guided me around the obstacles that were there. The only thing we had was she kept pushing me towards the right side of the sidewalk, but that was moving me away from the busy street that was on our left. Plus, we were the only team that didn't have the safety leashes on for our walk, as well as walking the furthest. :)

So we got back and she was a perfect angel as she has been! :) Then I sat in a lawn chair outside, since we are like the first ones done and didnt want to get back in the bus just yet, so we did the down and under. :) Again, she was perfect even though we were sitting between the 2 doors of the bus and dogs and people were getting on and off the bus.

While walking, I told Mike Sargent I was amazed at how easy she's been, and he said well, you are paying attention to her and you are very good TO her. :) So that made me feel really good. :) The walk was such a liberating experience and of confidence too! :) Thank you puppy raisers, if you happen to be reading this! :)

So we got back on the bus and she conked out at my feet with Destiny, who was sitting besided us, and while I couldnt move, because my feet was under both thier heads, Honey put her head over on top of Destiny's head, which was on top of my foot! LOL! It was really a sweet sight! :D

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Jovi said...

kacie, this seriously brought tears to my eyes. i am SO proud of you and honey! i know i've told you that i have friends who were puppy raisers for CCI and your experience has me seriously considering doing the same when the kids are a bit older.