Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 3 with Honey- After lunch

This morning was a laid back one, but busy at the same time. We took the dogs outside to break and YAY!!!!!!! Honey finally did #2! whooo hooo! LOL! Then we came in and went to breakfast. I let her stay off the tie down, praying the whole time I wasn't being too brave. I came back from a pretty long breakfast to find her curled up in the middle of my bed. LOL! She likes her soft stuff. ;)

Then with being tired of being cooped up in my room with her, we went on down to the leather lounge and she immediately plopped down on the floor beside me as I chatted with classmates and knitted. :) Then about 10am, Mike Seargent came and got me and we did the stairs down to the grooming room, and then he went over grooming her. We then also talked a little about training her to respond to some things for me- in terms of hearing things. So we are going to start that training with her beginning next week.

We then went back up the stairs and then worked the elevator, and lastly went to the dining room and they were working the dogs by the tables, so that we all three at our assigned table was there at the same time, to work the dogs on going down and under the chair. As usual, Honey was perfect, going down and snoozing away, nothing phasing her. :) So the three of us sat there and then after a drink, chatting, and about 20 minutes later, we headed back to our rooms to water the dogs and break them again. Then we came down for lunch with the dogs.

It was amazingly quiet and the CEO of GDF came and ate lunch with us. The dogs were great, all laying as they should and it was quite a peaceful lunch :)

We were supposed to do indoor work today, but all the rain that was predicted for today apparently missed, as it's bright and sunny out, though it is a bit chilly and windy. So they changed plans and at 1:15 we'll be heading out back to the park for some more walks there for the afternoon, so looks like it's going to be another tired night for everyone, after we have grooming lecture tonight.

Ok, off to get ready to head out. Later


Stacie said...

Kacie, I have tears in my eyes. What an amazing time you are having with Honey!!! It is so wonderful!!!

Shari said...

Kacie, I am so happy you have a such a sweetie of a companion. Someone trained her well.

BTW, loved the "footsie" pic of the dogs on your feet. Adorable moment. So glad you were able to take the picture. With my luck, any movement I make, they'd move. LOL

Pam from DB fishbowl said...

Kacie, Don't know if you are emailed our responses...but I had some questions...
What is purpose of tie down? How long do they want you to do it and it what dituations?

How many in your class and what breeds of dogs do they have?