Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trainer Day....

Good Morning!

Im up, showered, and dressed and checking in real quick. mmmmmmm, breakfast smells wonderful! I can get used to this! !

Need to go find out how much outside work we are doing today, as I wore my long underwear with jeans and t shirt over, but if we re going to be out quite a bit, then I need to change socks/shoes.

Gosh I slept HARD last night after I finally crawled into bed. I have that "slept too hard" daze going at the moment. Maybe I'd better go get a bottle of diet coke and try to wake up a bit, before lectures start! !

Ok, I'm going to go venture out, later!

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Erin & Midnight said...

Thank you for posting about your experiance!! So far no one else has so not only do you have this too look back on but us PW's get to see how much the process means to You guys and how much our hard work is paying off!!