Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 2 with Honey- breakfast time

We are up this morning and Honey was great through the night. :) She actually spent a good part of the night off the tie down, as I mentioned I conked out on the bed not feeling well. But she was great, just lying down on the floor by the door or by the bed, no whining, crying or barking. Then this morning I got up and got my shower and all, leaving her on the tie down and never heard a peep out of her even when several other dogs were barking.

Then we went outside for break and she quickly did #1 for me, and at one point she circled around and hunched over to do #2, but at a distraction, jumped up quickly and then decided she was done. *sigh* This is as bad a being a new mom and anxiously waiting for the new baby to poop! LOL!

She did awesome coming in and we are waiting for someone to come get us to go to breakfast. :) I'm getting hungry, thats for sure!

I think we are supposed to go out somewhere today, getting on the bus and actually doing some street work. We'll see. :)

Until the next post....

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