Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trainer Day....Last post for the evening

This evening, just before dinner, Mike started leash training with me. Pretty cool stuff! I REALLY see that coming in handy around the house and other places too! :D

Dinner was really good too, Man I swear, they open the kitchen door and the aroma is just something else! I'm not going to want to go home! LOL! During dinner, one of the GDF trainers ... no names will be named here! ;) slipped and let it out that dog time is to be 10:30am. EEEEKKKK! Gosh, I can't wait!!!! :D

So after dinner I came back to the room and called home to talk with the girls. Both Katie and Meaghan were excited to talk and while Mike sent Meaghan to school today, he got the call to come get her after naptime, so looks like he'll be working from home tomorrow and home with her. Katie says she's having a blast at Leah's house and is just about done with her homework for the week, which is good. :) Meaghan said she missed me and loved me. About made me cry!

Mike told me the stinking eye specialist office called, and yet again they failed to cancel my appt for the 18th, while I'd called 3 wks ago, and then again last Thursday, telling them I wasn't going to be here. Last year my eye dr almost ripped me a new one because I "missed" my appt, when I'd called and cancelled and supposedly rescheduled it. Well, his "trusty" office person, that I had the same problem with last year, did it yet again this year.

When I called 3 wks ago, I gve her the dates that I would be gone for training and so forth. She said she couldn't reschedule me on the books yet, because she had to coordinate my appt with the person's books for the 120 pt visual field test. So she said she'd call me back. Didn't hear from her, so I called last Thursday. The "appt" person said she had a note on my account to call me back that same day, (being last thursday) and I didnt hear from her. I didn't worry about it, as I'd told her to cancel my original appt for 1/18 and she'd said she did.

Well, yesterday, Mike gets a notice card for my appt for 1/18! When I called home last night, he sees the message on the phone that our same "trusty" office person had called yesterday, 1/14 at 12:04pm, after I'd told her I flew out at noon yesterday. Then she called and left another message today. Mike called the office and she's out of the office for 2 days, and found out my 1/18 appt had indeed NOT been cancelled! grrrrrrrrrrr.

I think at this point we are going to change dr's, as it's a royal hassle and I'm not going to take the verbal reprimanding that I got last year over this same screw up from the dr's staff.

Anywho, I'm making some good headways on the knitting, and super stoked about tomorrow! :D

Will write more in the morning. :)

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