Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 3 with Honey- Friday Evening

The afternoon was a good one. :) We went to King's Park again and did the same walk as before. This time because I had been doing so well with her, Mike Sargent walked about 15 feet behind me and off we went. She did PERFECT! :D It was a super windy day and she slowed down a bit because the wind was blowing directly into our faces. But she did it like a pro. :) Found the curb both times and was great!

The PR guy from GDF was there and was snapping pictures as we took off and when we came back up. Mike said we were ready to "Play in the streets!" now, and would begin training on street crossings. :) Honey and I boarded back on the bus and hung out and I knitted. :)

We got back to GDF and fed, watered, and breaked them. OMGosh, she did another #2!!!! Two in one day! LOL! Came in and ditched my coat and then went to dinner for some herbed chicken and potatoes, and some really yummy chocolate cake for dessert! All the dogs did great, doing the down and under, laying quietly under our chairs as we ate. Then we had a bit until lecture, which I called home and talked to all three kids. :) AC kept screaming into the phone, HI MOMMY!!!!!!!!! LOL! Hubby's gonna have his hands full this weekend. LOL!

Then we went downstairs to the grooming room for our grooming lecture and all the dogs oooooohhhh and ahhhhhhhh'd at being brushed. After lecture we came back up the stairs, and she hit all the doors right on cue. :D We played for a bit and did some real rubbing and such, and we are just hanging out now, waiting for the call to break the dogs for the last time tonight. Not sure what I'll do the rest of the night, may try going down to the tv room. We'll see.

I need to ask what time we are to be up in the morning, as we do work for half a day tomorrow, until lunch.



Shari said...

LOL. Spoken like a new parent...the baby pooped!!

It'll wear off quickly. A nice pooper scooper would be handy.

Maybe she was nervous with you the first few days and that affected her bowels? Sounds like she's getting comfortable with you. Good for you for making a lot of headway with her. Teamwork is key. :)

Andrea said...

Aww Kacie. I've been reading. Honey sounds like the perfect dog for you!!!