Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 2 with Honey- late morning

All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Honey is just so awesome. :D

I did wind up coming back to the room after breakfast and taking a nap! LOL! Then about 10, Mike Seargent came and got me and we went for our walk outside doing leashed guiding. We did meet and greets with another dog and Honey was perfect! Sat still and did exactly what she was supposed to. :)

Then we came in, as the puppies were to be here and we waited patiently until two beautiful yellow lab pups came in with the breeder. I think they were going to thier raisers. Mike Devlin took us up to meet the pups and again, Honey was awesome with only one quick no and stay, watching super intently, but staying put as she was supposed to while I loved on the puppy and it gave me lots of sloppy wet kisses. :) Of course I gave Honey HUGE praise for being sooooooo good! :D

So then we headed back to our room to wait for break time. New sheets were laying on the bed so figured while we wait, I'd change the sheets and pulled the covers back and onto the floor, not even thinking about it. Honey immediately grabbed her nylabone and nested up those covers and had made herself quite comfy! LOL!

So after I'd reclaimed my bed covers, and finished making the bed, it wasn't long that we got the call to water the dogs and take them out. Now with this time, I now know I have the most stubborn dog in the group.... When she gets fed up with me telling her busy busy, she's done and she's not gonna do any more. She comes up and looks up at me with those brown eyes and you can just read the expression on her face- I'm done, get ON with it. LOL! *sigh* So she's not done #2 yet and hasn't gone #1 since we went out the first time this morning...

Well, I need to tie her down and head for lunch, then we have our afternoon tour/walk at the park. :)


Erin & Midnight said...

Aww I'm glad to hear things are going well!! You don't have the pictures up by the way.

Pam from DB fishbowl said...

Kacie...she looks like she would like a nice soft bed to sleep in.
My puppy loved having this king sized comforter folded up to 2X3 bed, and i had an old pillow...would go to bed and lay flat out on her side with head on the pillow...too much!!
Your HONEY is special...she gets you and the job!!