Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday pictures....

I have stuff to write about, but just feeling blah and not ready to put it all down in words. I've been a total bum today, not doing much of anything but skimming posts, watching a little tv, and now need to go get dinner started. Gosh I can't believe how tired I feel still, even after a couple of good nights sleep.

I tried going for a walk with Honey today, with Alex walking along. It went, but there's room for lots of improvements. I need to make a call to the school about a couple of things to see how I should handle some situations that I've encountered here at home. Nothing big, but wondering if there's some better ways to do it.

I do want to share a few pictures of Honey and the kids though. :)

Practicing the stool sit with Meaghan up above her. :)

Lot's of Hugs!

OHHHHH she's rubbing my ears!!!!!

Those kids are finally asleep, I can snoooooooozzzzeeeee now!

Until later! Gotta fix dinner! :)


Cookie's Mommy said...

damn that dog is gorgeous (and the kids too, lol) I love that last pic, her stance is beautiful :)

Stacie said...

Great Meaghan is warming up to Honey?
SHe is a beautiful dog!

Pam from the db fishbowl said...

How are the kids accepting the fact that Honey is Mommy's dog? Any jealousy or issues?

So many more things to think about with training with have your 3 young ones...Honsy could be your extra set of ears and eyes to let you know they are into mischief!! hehehe!!

Shari said...

She's a very beautiful dog, Kacie. Good to see that the kids love her so much. I hope it's not too hard telling them that she's your dog. Or it that only when the harness is on, right? Thanks for sharing. :)